Scarecrow Returns

By Matthew Reilly

From the across the world bestselling writer, the fourth novel within the exciting Scarecrow sequence that includes “some of the wildest and such a lot sustained battles in an motion mystery in an extended time…and somewhat of conspiracy" (Chicago Tribune).

From the across the world bestselling writer, the fourth novel within the exciting Scarecrow sequence that includes “some of the wildest and such a lot sustained battles in an motion mystery in many years" (Chicago Tribune).

a chilly struggle doomsday equipment hidden deep within the Arctic.

A mysterious terrorist workforce approximately to unharness havoc upon an unsuspecting global. just one staff shut sufficient to sabotage them.

Captain Shane Schofield, name signal “Scarecrow,” and his ragtag band of Marines and civilians are outnumbered and outgunned. yet with just a couple of brief hours until eventually Armageddon, Scarecrow and his infantrymen bravely adopt an edge-of-your-seat, white-knuckle event to avoid wasting the Earth from overall annihilation.

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Scarecrow was once unimpressed: on condition that the vents have been belching gasoline for 6 weeks, that truly in simple terms left the final ideas. even though as he considered it a few extra, possibly there has been another manner— yet then he was once trained SEAL workforce on a close-by Los Angeles–class submarine, the USS Miami, had already been dispatched to take the island via strength. his map of the island, Schofield didn’t like their possibilities. Dragon Island was once a ordinary citadel. Its beaches have been made up virtually totally of 300-foot-high cliffs, and within the basically areas the place the land got here right down to the water’s edge—a long-abandoned 19th-century whaling village and a submarine dock—there have been all demeanour of fences, partitions, gun emplacements and watchtowers.

Zack rounded the nook and beheld the scene: Emma at the flooring with undesirable Willy status over her. “There’s nonetheless one left,” he stated loudly. They either snapped round. Emma’s face lit up with either desire and horror. undesirable Willy’s face reworked from shock to depraved glee. “Zacky-boy,” he grinned. “Who’da thunk it? The weedy little poindexter coming to save lots of the woman from the nasty fucking rapist? ” Zack raised his pistol. undesirable Willy stated, “I don’t have a gun, Zacky. You’d shoot me in chilly blood? ” “Yes. ” “Don’t pass over.

His eyes darted upward, looking out the sky. His slow-moving cable motor vehicle that may be a simple aim for a couple of gunships— A savage hail of bullets slammed into the cable vehicle, hitting all of it over, shattering its home windows and an Osprey shoomed by means of overhead. every body ducked lower than the window-line, aside from Baba, who hefted his Kord and loosed a violent burst in answer. the massive gun’s supersized rounds razed the whole left aspect of the Osprey, sending one in all its gunners crusing down into the water a long way under.

Schofield clipped of the small situations to his guns belt and carried the 3rd in his spare hand. He checked out Kotsky and the terrified technicians as he raised a small hand-held distant. “You will need to carry directly to anything. ” He thumbed the activate the distant. *   *   * there has been circulate all over the tower now. the 2 crane-bridges that gave entry to it touched down and military males moved quickly throughout them in huge numbers, racing towards the shorter spire. One Osprey banked round the robust tower, sweeping in towards the tanker truck that hung suspended around the moat, whereas the opposite one—the one Baba had hammered along with his Kord earlier—had limped again to the helipad the place it now sat, its wounded engine nonetheless belching thick black smoke.

A Kord. ” “Merci beaucoup,” he acknowledged with a short nod. He glanced at her rifle. “G36. an outstanding weapon, too. ” mom prolonged her hand. “Gunnery Sergeant Gena Newman, USMC, yet every body calls me mom. ” “I am grasp Sergeant Jean-Claude François Michel Huguenot, on secondment to the DGSE from the 1st Parachute Regiment. i'm often called Le Barbarian. ” along with his shaggy hair and beard, mom may see why. “Barbarian. great. ” “Trust me, it's a name good earned. I consume like a undergo, drink like a Viking, kill like a lion and make love like a silverback gorilla!

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